Maui Development

Maui New Construction in Wailea – Lai Loa at Wailea As the rest of the world holds on pause to see what happens next, La’i Loa at Wailea, Wailea’s newest product has been introduced to South Maui. Although the current state of the market and has some concerns about uncertainties, this development has been long-awaited and warmly welcomed by a captive audience.  Bordered by Kai […]
Maui Will a Recession Affect the Maui Real Estate Market? How Will the Next Recession Affect the Housing Market…  Given the current media buzz of an impending recession, many Americans are fearing the worst and believe a downturn in the real estate market is inevitable. Take a look at the graph below from Keeping Current Matters. It’s important to note that of the last five […]
Maui Understanding Wailea Golf Membership Understanding Wailea Golf Club Membership can be tricky. As projects were developed and plans were originally being set into place, different programs were approached and devised with the Wailea Community Association. Those qualifying for Wailea Golf Membership have no particular rhyme or reason why, it just “is what it is”.  Read below for a clarification […]
Maui The Kahului Airport Master Plan The main runway at Kahului Airport would be extended by about 1,500 feet to 8,530 feet to accommodate fully loaded aircraft with direct reach to the Midwest, according to an update of the Kahului Airport Master Plan. The update of the state Department of Transportation master plan, forecasts needed improvements to the main airport on […]
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